A Fuelband™ app for Android™

Some features:

- Free and no ads
- CSV data export
- 5 days activity chart
- A detailed view of your activities on the last 15 days
- A detailed user profile page
- Android 4 look and feel



Bluetooth datasync support

The Fuelband Bluetooth protocol to transfer data is not released by Nike so there's no way to add it to this app, unluckily. Please complain to Nike for their lack of support to the Android platform, if you wish an official application.

What are my credentials?

You need your Nike+ email and password to use this app. Go to http://nikeplus.nike.com/ if you need them.

I cannot connect / An error is returned when I try to get my data

The Nike API server (the one providing your data) is still in beta, so sometimes it's under maintenance. Try again later and it will work.